However children's subcultureit

However children's subcultureit In scientific literature approximately with~kh years the term the nursery sub ~ is usedculture.

The prefix sub ~ means it subordinated on ~lozheniye as the children's subculture is onefrom components of big cultural system, whereadults dominate.

However children's subcultureit is rather independent, representing state blow ~stvo in the state.

Children always with interest ~ life of adults also imitate of.

Any normal ~the ny child usually wants grow.

But for the children'sthe world the opposite desire is characteristic alsoto resist to a pressure and pressure of the authoritative worldadults who are sure that know how ~ it is necessary to live and operate.

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If you are concerned

If you are concerned Both in that and in other case control of the attending physician is necessary.

Intellectual development distinguishes human speech from other sounds Social development starts to learn and distinguish members of the family Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.

th WEEKStart to safeguard your house for the kid Very soon your child will go to the first independent travel on the house.

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The relation

The relation Society defines ideas of adults of what can be demanded and expected from the child at each age stage.

The relation of the child to world around, circle of his requirements and interests is defined, in turn, taken by itplace among other people, system of requirements, expectations and influences from adults.

If for the baby the need for continuous emotional communication with the adult this results from the fact that all life of the kid entirely is defined by the adult is characteristic, and is defined not any indirect, and the most direct and direct way, here carries out almost continuous physical contact when the adult swaddles the child, feeds him, gives it a toy, supports in the first attempts to go, etc.

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Some models

Some models By means of a radio transmitter to the adult person all sounds published by the child, and the sounds arising round the kid are transmitted.

Some models of monitors allow to talk to the kid.

For comfort creation to the kid get a small night lamp with a lowpower opaque bulb remember that to youit is necessary to rise at night.

UvWhen you will bring the kid home, first of all it needs a place for a dream and a place for carrying out a toilet and linen change.

V JBEFORE THE BIRTH OF THE CHILDlazhnitel of air promote easier breath of the child, especially if it is chilled.

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Mother I already

Mother I already What to do, if.

toy pillow, found in a berry a hole and, properly it, pulled outside a stuffin warm and fuzzy layers of a synthetic winterizer.

Extended and threw, extended and threw.

Nobody disturbed the child its toy, a toy and to dispose of it and snowfall turned out very cheerful.

But here came it is time to go on walk, and there was from this such sketch.

Mother Collect snowballs and went for a walk.

Arina pretends that does not hear, but snow went more densely.

Mother I already put on.

Arina pricked up the ears.

Snow is not strewed any more, but also not cleaned.

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